Monday, September 30, 2013

Race Report- Iron Angel 5k

Well I did it, my first official race as a Warchol! That's my married name, just in case you didn't know. Yup, I got to go to the second half of the alphabet line at pack pick up, exciting stuff. It did dawn on me that when my dad and I run the same race that our numbers wont be consecutive, so that is a little. Any who, back to the race report...

About 14 months ago a local teacher, triathlete, mother, wife, etc. was hit and killed by not one, but two drunk drivers while out on an early morning training bike ride. This incident affected the community immensely and the trial and the out come was just as disheartening. Last year a small community run/walk was held in her honor, but this year the group of women she trained with, Moms in Motion (MIM's), held a larger, timed run and walk as a fundraiser for the trust for her two small children. To check out more info or to donate go here. I found out that some of my friends were running and I thought this would be a great jump back into running since it was for such a great cause. The race was capped at 500 and I signed up after the deadline to get a shirt, but I went to packet pick up on the first night and got a shirt anyway!

Great shirt, a little big and white, but happy to get one!

On Sunday morning I woke up and got ready. There is so little prep that is involved when preparing for a 5k, I love it! Plus I now realize how much I over did it when I was a newbie. I swung by and picked up Molly and then I headed to the Tucker house to pick up Evan and Abby. The four of us arrived at center park, we were greeted by smiling volunteers and a parking spot, nice! We walked to the main building at the park and caught up with fellow friends and runners and chatted while we waited for the pre-race ceremony. 

Gathering for the start. Great family atmosphere race!

Molly and I ran into three of our girls who participated in Girls on The Run this spring and it was great to see them out at a race. As an additional fundraiser MIM's was also selling HFB memorial items.

Around 8:50am Heather's husband spoke and a letter from one of her friends was read, also two of her colleagues sang the National Anthem. There was a solemn tone, but it was clear that everyone who came was there to fight the good fight. Everyone was so positive and supportive, I wish all races had this kind of vibe.

Evan & Abby

Me and Molly, back in the game!

At 9am the gun went off and down the field we went. I have neglected to say that the course was a cross country course. I had heard at packet pick up that the course was very challenging and I was a little hesitant about running on the hilly, damp grass. The weather was amazing and the course was partially shaded so that was a bonus. The course was hard for sure, but it was lined with smiley volunteers, both MIM's and the Fairport Cross Country team. Everyone was so encouraging, cheery and happy to be out there. Even though my time was pretty slow and I did walk a few of the hills, I was so happy to be out there. As Molly and I came into the finish line our friends (and strangers) were cheering us on, love that feeling.

Only missing Thea who couldn't wait for us slowpokes!
I honestly can't say a bad thing about this race. Except for maybe that the course was challenging, but that probably has something to do with the lack of running lately!! It was a great morning and I am so happy to be able to help a worthy cause.

Ever run a memorial race?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby I was Born to Run....slowly

I'm back baby and pretty sore! Thursday I dragged Molly to the Fleet Feet Pub Run at Char at the Strathallen hotel. They had a 3 or 5 mile option and even though a few months ago I would have chosen the five, I was hoping to just be able to go the distance at 3. The weather was amazing Thursday night and I was so excited to be back out there.

Alright guys, summer vacation is over!

I actually couldn't remember the last time I used my running sneakers, until I saw all the dirt on the bottom and realized I used them hiking in Lake Placid about two months ago! We were all in for a rude awakening. I picked up Molly and we were down right ecstatic on the drive there, kinda like some middle school girls on the way to a One Direction concert. Since I have been away from the Fleet Feet family for a bit there were lots of new faces, but a ton of familiar faces too. It was like coming home again and we picked up right where we left off. 

Proof that I ran! Or stood around with a bunch
of people in running clothes!

We got the 3 mile route from Ellen and we off and moving. The majority of the group were off and in the distance in no time. Molly and I pulled up the back and pacing us, without really knowing it were Amy and Dave. After a half mile or so I couldn't believe how good I felt and even though we weren't going as fast as I have in the past, I was going faster then I thought I would be able to go. I was also shocked at my endurance level, my heart wasn't beating out of my chest and my breathing was surprisingly controlled. When we hit 1 mile I was so happy that I didn't need to walk and this kept me energized for mile 2. During mile 2, I started to feel some aches and pains in my knee and legs but nothing bad enough to make me stop or slow. Molly dropped back a bit and I ran and chatted with Amy and Dave. We caught back up with each other at a red light and I told her my goal of running to one of the last streets, take a short walk break and then run the rest of the way. Even though the route was 3 miles, Fleet Feet always gives you the gift of going slightly farther without officially saying it so the route was more like 3.4ish. As we made the final turn on to East Ave to head back to the hotel we chatted about our surroundings and past runs and how good it felt to be back out on the streets. When we returned to Char we hung out for a bit and then headed home.

Slow but steady and got it done!

My final pace on the Garmin was 13:29. I did forget to pause it for a couple red lights so really it was slightly better then that! By the time I got out of the car my usual running pains were back, but I wore them like a badge of honor. Turns out you can jump back on the wagon and I feel like I appreciate my body and mind more now for it. Now I am recharged and ready to go for my first weigh in for the Ton of Fun challenge and my first 5k as a Warchol. I'll be posting about both soon.

Ever take a break from exercise and are shocked by your progress when you return? Either good or bad. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Having a Ton of Fun

So I mentioned in my last post that the spark is coming back! I am actually excited. Some may say giddy! You know how deep down you know all the right things you NEED to do, but sometimes your brain likes to play games? That is how I have been feeling lately. Hopefully at some point you are finally strong enough to over take it and say, shut up this is what I am doing. I decided that to get back into the groove and community atmosphere, I would join the Ton of Fun challenge at Fleet Fleet.

Courtesy of FF website.

It is a 12 week challenge to lose weight and be active. I thought it was just the right thing I needed to get in gear. The program costs $50 but you have the opportunity to earn it back through store credit by losing weight. There are other fun prizes along the way. You know I am game for anything that involves prizes, sticker charts and goal tracking. I have enjoyed FF training programs in the past and have met some of my closest friends by participating in them. It can be intimidating at first, but quickly it becomes your favorite thing in the world. I plan to post updates throughout the 12 week program. Not sure just yet if I am comfortable putting my weight on here for all to see, but I do want to cover the ups and downs.

Actual weight...of a small child.

One of our wedding gifts was a new, fancy, bells and whistle scale so I am excited about using it and seeing some change. A benefit of running is that it helps your body to be more toned. One disadvantage  to less running is more jiggle. In addition to maybe losing a pound or two, I hope this challenge can help the jiggle reduction.

That wont ever happen, let's not be too lofty with our goals.

So I hope you join me over the next 12 weeks to track my progress, root for me, help me celebrate my success and keep me out of the Dunkin' drive thru! Seriously, I could really use your help on that last one, anyone available between 6:30-7:00am?

Ever had success with a weight loss challenge?

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Runner Who Doesn't Run

So truth be told I actually created this post back in June! Three months later and I am still a runner who doesn't run. But that is all about to change, I feel the fire and excitement coming back. In case you don't know, I ran my first full marathon in May. Then I got completely burned out and tired with training and running. I became a machine who ran because a piece of paper told me to do it, not because I actually wanted to. I guess part of me liked being out there or I would have given up before I even crossed the start line, but you get the point. Summer vacation and the heat started to kick in and then the stress and busyness of wedding planning kicked into high gear and I just had a million reasons to not run. Plus I just didn't really want to. I ran the Boilermaker with my Dad in July and ran every now and then on the treadmill at the gym, but nothing more then a 5k and that was it. I did spend the summer in the AC of the gym and got really into strength training and taking multiple spin classes each week.

I didn't win the challenge but those darn stickers did
keep me pretty motivated!

I also maybe got into the Fro-Yo craze that seems to have taken over the Rochester area recently. I guess it is better for you than Coldstone though. Hopefully.

Strawberries, graham crackers and
cheesecake & strawberry fro-yo.

Now that the wedding is done, the school year has begun, routines have reappeared and the weather has cooled drastically I am ready to get out the running gear. My first step? I signed up for a 5k in 6 days!! Yea, maybe this was a bit drastic, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Plus the race is for an amazing cause. I love the fall/winter race calendar and am looking forward to some more 3-peat races in the upcoming months. I am also missing my running girls terribly and am hoping we can reconnect soon.

So for now I'll leave you will some gratuitous wedding photos, but come back soon for more running chit chat!!

Have you ever fallen off the running wagon?

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