Thursday, January 31, 2013

This One's Silver and the Other's (white) Gold

The past couple days have been quite a whirlwind. Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes! I feel like for the first time in a few weeks I haven't been focused on, and completely consumed with marathon training. Don't get me wrong I've been workin' my booty off, but my mind has been elsewhere. Tonights run was windy and chilly! Weren't we just running in short-sleeved shirts on Tuesday?! How does that happen? I guess winter is sticking around for a bit longer.

The Greater Rochester Track Club (GRTC) offers MILEstone patches for members as a way to recognize a sustained commitment to racing/running in any given year. I heard about the awards back in the spring but I wasn't a member yet. I joined the GRTC when they offered a bus for the Boilermaker and decided to try to go for one! I didn't really set a goal for which one I wanted, since it would be my first full year of races. I just new I needed one. Stat! I completed 120.8 races miles in 23 races and earned a SILVER patch!!!

Not too shabby for one year! I obviously aiming for the gold patch in 2013 and hopefully with multiple high mileage races on my calendar it will be doable! Since I now have a wedding to save for, I have a feeling that some races might get sacrificed in the name of love. Don't worry, I'll be back for 2014! I also received my early bird registration gift for the Cleveland Marathon. I doubt I'll ever use it, but I love anything that says Cleveland Marathon on it!

Shoe ID holder thingamajig!
When I got home from the run tonight I filled in my workout on my paper training calendar and realized the first month is done! January 2013 of marathon training is complete. Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The time I got ENGAGED at Fleet Feet!

In a past post I talked about my typical Tuesday training night. Usually I head to Fleet Feet, meet some combination of the girls and about 100 of my closest Winter Warrior friends, do some hill repeats and head home. Last night was no typical Tuesday because...

We Got Engaged!!!!
My fiance´and latest running accessory!
My afternoon started out with a trip to see Dr. Burton for my hip. I was going to include these photos in my post, but they don't seem as exciting now!

Since I had to go from work, to the doctor, to Fleet Feet I had a giant bag packed with all of my wardrobe changes. Dr. Burton killed my hip (in a good way?). It was more tender then ever and in rough shape. Needless to say I wasn't looking forward to hobbling up the hill. I changed in the bathroom and headed to Subway for a quick and light dinner before the run. While I was sitting there enjoying my dinner, Rob texted me saying that he was going to join me on the run, which is a little weird because he doesn't get out of work early enough to usually join me. We do run together often so it wasn't a completely shock that he wanted to come. He said he'd meet me there and I was looking forward to him coming.

I beat him to Fleet Feet and chatted with my running friends while waiting for everyone else to show up. He got there and we traded gear and looked at some items in the store. He had his regular coat on which I thought was a bit strange since he had his running coat on underneath it. One of us, probably me, mentioned something about the coat and he said he had to go back and put it in the car. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I honestly thought that I really didn't want to go with him, haha. But of course I said I would.

So we walk out to the parking lot and on the sidewalk in front of the store he stopped and turned to me and said (this is where it gets a bit blurry) "I've been thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life with you" (or something of that nature). While he is saying this he is fumbling with his coat pocket trying to pull something out of it. Then asked "Will you marry me?" To which I think I replied "seriously? really? tonight? This is crazy" multiple times, while he opened the box. Which he practiced by the way to make sure it was facing the right way for me!! Then he asked "do I have to get down on one knee?" which made both of us laugh and I said of course not. Somehow the ring got on my finger and I was completely in shock and blown away. I'm not quite sure what the conversation to the  car was, there was probably a holy cow and an I love you and a I have to call my parents. When I tried they didn't answer.

I wasn't quite sure how to pose so
there are multiple thumb's up!

We headed back to Fleet Feet and by this time I could see Molly and Emily through the glass doors. We ran in and planted myself and my left hand in front of them. That is when Molly proceeded to scream and flip out (more then I did I might add) causing everyone to stare at us and wonder what was going on. Thanks Molly!! Then Laura immediately walked in and started celebrating at the front of the store with us.

I love that he is just as smiley as I am!

In the mean time Kate and Ellen got word about the celebration and came over to congratulate us and ask us if they could announce it in front of the entire group. Ellen even shared how Boots proposed to her, so cool! When it was time for announcements they invited us up on the benches with them and everyone clapped and congratulated us!

Thank you Molly for these amazing photographs!
Once we stepped down I realized I still had a hill run in front of me! It was completely surreal and it wasn't until we started running and Molly began to ask questions that the reality set in. Everyone continued to congratulate and hug us and ask to see my hand for the duration of the run. After the run we decided to go out for a drink with Molly, Laura, Emily & Beth so we could celebrate. Rob is currently doing a Paleo challenge at CrossFit and beer is a big no-no. He wanted to do this challenge totally clean but since you only get engaged once he decided to celebrate with a beer. That's when I knew he was really committed to me!!


On the way to the restaurant we called our parents and I called my sister to tell them the exciting news My sister said that when she told my four year old nephew that we are going to get married he asked "do you think we'll be invited" and then he asked "will there be cake?" I like his priorities! Thanks to everyone who was involved from our families, both running and genetic and to Rob's boss Glenn for letting him leave work early. I love that we had our own private moment but them immediately got to celebrate with everyone.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week Two is Through!

Week two is through, 14 more to go! Does anyone else feel like this is flying so far? Remind me of that statement during week 13 and 14. Here's how my week panned out.

Monday- Rest. Did some stretching and hip icing.

Tuesday- 3.3 miles at Cobb's Hill.

Wednesday- Spinning for 45 minutes at the RAC.

Thursday- 3.1 mile fartlek on the canal.

Friday- Rest.

Saturday- 7 miles from FF Ridgeway.

Sunday- 3.4 miles around Fairport.

Total Miles: 16.8         Planned Miles: 16

Saturday's run was cold. Who am I kidding, this whole week was cold! Molly, Laura and I ran from FF Ridgeway with the rest of the Winter Warrior and HFM crew. The options were 5 or 8 miles and we had 7 on the schedule. We decided to head out with the group and then take a detour down a road we had traveled in the past. The road was pretty flat and followed parallel to the canal. Since it was just us and the road was a bit scenic (aka boring), Molly turned on a Pandora playlist so we had some music to rock out to while movin' and groovin'. About half way down the road we realized that the faster pace groups were heading back towards us already! When we got to the end of the road we had some nutrition and I enjoyed a little frozen Gatorade slushie. I have never had Gatorade freeze during a run. I always eat Honey Stinger chews while out on a run. My go to flavors are cherry, pink lemonade and orange. Last time I was at Wegmans I saw pomegranate passion and decided to give it a whirl. BIG MISTAKE!! I was not a fan and shouldn't have messed with a good thing. I am glad I had a couple orange ones floating around in my fuel belt. 

I'm sorry I ever doubted you!
We headed back in the direction of the store and stayed off the canal because we didn't feel like adding the extra cardio. Kudos to those of you who stayed on the canal with the snow cover. After some rolling hills we got back to the store and Molly commented on how my hair had frozen. Another first, it really was cold out! 

Since I was in Greece I decided to swing by and visit my Grandma! Hot chocolate and depression cake, which is my fav, I think I'll visit her post cold runs more often!! The only down side to hanging out and chatting with her for a bit is that I did not go home and do my stretches right away. Of course I got really stiff and my hip was hurting the rest of the day. I stretched multiple times throughout the day and when we were lounging around watching TV, I tried out the heating pad my sister let me borrow. 

Sunday's run was sunny and felt warmer. Rob had a long run on his schedule and I had 3 miles. I joined him for the first mile and a half and then headed back home via the canal. The cool thing about running with Rob is that he is pretty speedy so I tend to run faster when he is pacing me. I wound up doing 3.4 miles total. Then I enjoyed some post run refreshments.

The camera angle made this look like a
king size box ;)
Love chocolate milk
post run!

How did your weekend runs go?
What is your go to post run snack?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Questioning my Sanity

Don't worry I am not giving this whole marathon thing a second thought, I just saw Skinny Runner did this cool runner questionnaire thing. I guess it is kind of like a chain letter where someone does it and tags you and then you have to do it. Well since I am new to the whole blogging thing and don't have many friends, I figured I would just volunteer the info myself, you're welcome! I swear that sounded cooler in my head. Here we go!

1. Why did you start running?
I started running as an added benefit to help lose weight. I also liked the idea of having a goal race and working towards that. For more info check out Something About Steph.

2. Best running memory?
It would have to be running my first half marathon last year. I remember it like it was yesterday! I had a blast and soaked up the race atmosphere. I took photos and videos along the way and couldn't believe the crowd, signs, bands and that I did it! It was the culmination of a lot of training and hard work.
April 2012
3. What shoes do you run in?
When I did my first 5k I was running in some random pair that I normally wore to the gym. When I started my 10k training I got officially fitted at my local Fleet Feet store. I got Brooks Ghost and have never looked back! I have expanded my Brooks arsenal a bit though!

Ghosts, Cascadia & Pure Flow...oh my!
4. Favorite & least favorite distances to run?
I think my favorite distance is around 5 miles. Whether it is a race or a training run, it's long enough to get a good workout but short enough to not need all the extra gear and nutrition that comes with long runs. Least favorite is probably a 15k. Its a long race with no medal at the end. Enough said.

5. Do you have a running partner?
I have lots of running partners!! When I started running I ran alone until my first 5k race. Now I get bored when I am alone. I do a lot of group runs from Fleet Feet and excursions with my running pals!
Me, Rob, Katie, Laura & Molly. 
6. What is your favorite running accessory?
I guess I would have to say my Garmin. If Garmin isn't there or doesn't work, it's like the run never happened! I also can't run without my Balega socks. I've never had any foot issues while running and I swear by those socks!

7. Outdoor or indoor running?
I prefer outdoor running. Especially after my most recent indoor running experience! I don't hate the treadmill but it does get boring. I need a change of scenery.

8. What is your favorite time of the day to run?
I don't have a favorite time of day to run. On the weekends I tend to run in the morning. If I wait until afternoon or evening I get busy or unmotivated. During the week I tend to run in the evening because of my work schedule. I like both!

9. What races have you run?
I have run 35 races to date. Mostly in the Rochester area and upstate New York! I am looking forward to my first true destination race in Cleveland.

10. What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?
During HFM training in February of last year we got caught in a horrible snowstorm during one of our long runs. It was a crazy survival situation that involved jumping into snow banks to get out of the way of oncoming snowplows. Any of us that were there on that run just has to mention the Mendon run and everyone totally understands. It's like a great war story.

That's Katie, in case you couldn't tell.
Me, alive at the end of it.
11. Other exercises you love?
I have been enjoying spinning lately. Not sure if that will transfer to getting my bike out on the road once the weather gets nice, but it's a good cross training activity and it gives my hips a bit of a break. 

12. Are you currently training for something?
Duh! Have you seen the title of this blog! Check this out to see what's along the way.

13. What are your current or future goals?
My current goal is to get through marathon training injury free. I have lots of half marathons I want to do throughout the year as well. As far as future full's I just want to finish the first one first. But this isn't a bucket list thing!

14. Advice for new runners?
Get a training plan. Tempo and Hills suck but they pay off, don't avoid them. Trust your body and adjust accordingly, don't feel like you have to do everything exactly like your plan says . Get stock in Body Glide. Experiment with different nutrition combinations until you find what works for you. Check out Marshall's and Target for some decent quality, less expensive running gear.  

15. Why did you start a blog?
I thought it would be neat to track my training in a different way. I also thought maybe someone would be interested to hear what I'm going through, especially if they are considering distance running.

Feel like answering any of these questions?
Leave me some comments people!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feeling fine in Fairport

Happy Thursday everyone, this week is going by quick! Today I was bottled up sitting in a conference room grading art assessments all day. Yes, even art is now subjected to state testing in the great state of New York! Needless to say, when I got out around 4:00pm I was itching to move and get some fresh air. Even if the air is 10 degrees. I decided that since I was cooped up last Thursday for my run, I would take it to the canal! Tonight's run was one that reminded me how much I love living in Fairport.

I started near the new pedestrian bridge and headed towards the village. Since today was a tempo run I thought the nice flat, relatively straight canal path would be perfect for a little fartlek. I've been dying to work that word into a running post! I also decided to try hand warmers for the first time, since I just received some as a late Christmas gift. By the way (BTW), late Christmas gifts are the best because you aren't expecting them! By the way, I used BTW on a worksheet for my students to try to be all cool and hip and some of them had to ask me what it meant, SERIOUSLY!? 

Very HANDY indeed!
I was a bit confused about the hand warmers at first because it says to take them out of the package and expose them to air. Well I did that and nothing really happened. I just kind of sat there looking at them thinking that would help them to heat up. It didn't. I figured I would throw them in my gloves anyways and see what happened.

Trying to beat the sunset
I started out with a really strong headwind of arctic air. I instantly thought, holy cow why am I running outside!!!! I bundled up my coat even more and pulled up & tightened my hood. Then I noticed a warming sensation in my gloves, EUREKA, hand warmers heat up magically! Seriously, how does that work? As I ran I picked different landmarks to sprint to, then I would add in running at my 5k pace and even a little walking. After about three quarters of a mile I realized how beautiful my surroundings were. I was all alone and even the village seemed eerily quiet. Since the rte 250 bridge is closed in the village there isn't the loud clanking of cars as they go over it. It was amazing.

The sun was setting and the clouds were moving so the sky was always in flux and made for some great photo opps. Even though there was a thin layer of snow on the canal, wearing my studded shoes helped me to navigate it a bit easier. After about fifteen minutes into my run I noticed that my hands were a bit TOO hot, and since I usually only have cold hands for the first mile or so, I tossed the hand warmers. They worked perfectly! I ran out to Perinton Park which is exactly 1.5 miles from my start so I knew I would easily get the 3 miles that my schedule called for. I even got to see a couple trains up close and personal, too busy running to stop for a photo though. 

It wasn't until I was heading back that I finally had some company on the path. A man walking his dog was coming towards me and he commented on how cold it was out. Instantly I felt pretty cool for being able to toughen out the chilly weather to get my run in. I got back to my car just as the sun went down and the street lights came on. Perfect run.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rollin' with my Homies

Week two is off to a very chilly start! Thanks to the MLK holiday I had Monday off and spent the morning hanging out in the Lego store with my nephew. I spent the afternoon on the couch watching the inauguration and soaking in my rest day. In addition to laying around and being lazy I decided to have a little stretch-fest. 
Our various torture devices.
"Big Nasty" is Rob's roller in the background,
mine is the cute, petite orange one!
Since half marathon training a year ago, my hips tend to get achy and stiff when my miles increase. Dr. Tristan Burton at Focused Health Chiropractic in Brighton became my go to guy for massage, stretching, cracking, overall support and good advice. Dr. Burton worked with me through the late summer and early fall to get me through my back to back half marathons last year. When I made the decision to commit to marathon training I knew Dr. Burton would be along for the ride. I met with him last week and reviewed my training plan. I was feeling guilty that I met with him to talk strategy, even though I was feeling pretty decent. I was relieved when he said he would rather see me when I am doing good to do preventative work, instead of work when it is too late. Phew, he didn't think I was some crazy ART(Active Release Technique) groupie! He recommended some stretches and strength training exercises and worked on my right hip. The next day when I ran, my left hip really started to bug me and it has remained tight and stiff over the last week. I have been really good about stretching after my runs, and have even lengthened the amount of time I stretch, but I think it needs professional help. Good thing I'll be seeing Dr. Burton next week!

Get those doggies rollin'...

Now I'll leave you with a little photo montage 
of tonight's CHILLY run!

If I commit to people on FB, then I can't back out!
Chilly, don't worry I only photograph while in Park!

Pretty (cold) in Pink
Molly (She's back from the plague), Laura & Me
HOT chocolate with caramel. Yummm.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week One is done!

Todays post may not be the most exciting but is necessary on the road to the marathon. Week one of training is done, 15 more to go. The first week was not too challenging. In fact, I ran less miles then I have in the previous two weeks. Here's my week by the numbers:

Monday- Rest. Some yoga on my own.

Tuesday- 3.5 miles at Cobb's Hill.

Wednesday- Spinning for 50 minutes at the RAC.

Thursday- 3.25 tempo on the treadmill at the RAC.

Friday- Rest.

Saturday- 6.4 miles from FF Brighton.

Sunday- 2.7 miles with Rob on a cold and windy night!

Total Miles: 15.85         Planned Miles: 15

During this week I also reached a very coveted running achievement. More important then medals, PR's and qualifying for Boston. I obtained more then 50 points in the Fleet Feet Winter Warrior program!!! In an effort to help build up my weekly mileage before my half marathon training began, I joined the Winter Warrior program for the first time last year.

WW kick off December 2011.
I'm in the turquoise in the front right.
The program encourages runners and walkers to get out and be active during the cold winter months in Rochester, NY. The more runs you do, the more points you earn. The points earn you prizes:


  • 50 points - a prize
  • 75 points - a good prize
  • 100 points - a Winter Warrioresque Prize
  • 125 points - a better than gooder prize
  • 150 points - an even better prize
  • 175 points - "A Way to Go Pat on the Back" and greater prize
  • Over 200 points - the enjoyment of knowing you are in great shape now and on your way to being a top WINTER WARRIOR
So I officially hit 53 points on Tuesday and picked up my prize on Saturday. Aren't you curious to find out what I won?! 

It even has real laces! 
What are you training for?
Are you a Winter Warrior?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's my party and I'll BLOG if I want to!

First off, thank you so much for spending some of your day in my world! I can't believe how many people have check out my page in such a short amount of time. I have gotten some great feedback and compliments about my blog both in person and in the blogosphere and I am so happy people are enjoying it. So I guess now that we are getting comfortable with each other I should let you in on a little secret. I'm a stalker. Now I know this may seem startling to some, but if you're here, you are too! 

Early on in my running career (who am I kidding, I don't earn a dime) I began subscribing to Runner's World Magazine. 
I guess I need to do less writing and more reading.
Inside one of the issues was an article highlighting different running blogs. One blog that was mentioned was called Shut Up + Run. I typed it into my computer and began reading some of the posts.  At the time Beth, the author, had just completed Boston after overcoming some pretty major running injuries. I immediately was hooked and am embarrassed to admit, went back to her very first post and read every single thing she wrote. Obviously this took some time but it was like a really great memoir and I love to read memoirs. Her sense of humor is hysterical and she can be raunchy like a teenage boy. Since I teach middle school, I fit right in. She often posts about bodily functions and isn't ashamed to share both embarrassing and heart wrenching stories about her life and running.

Obviously, I'm a big fan.
Well Shut Up + Run opened up Pandora's Box. I didn't know that a whole world of running blogs existed. And when you find one, that often leads to another, which leads you to another one and now you have a whole list that you lay in bed and read before going to sleep. Plus in true stalker fashion you have to do it huddled under the blanket so the light of your iPhone doesn't wake up the guy trying to sleep next to you. 

Most nights I go down the list and check out
who has something new and profound to say.

I thought I'd share a couple more of my favorites and give you a brief description in case you are interested in checking them out. 

The Boring Runner (found via SU+R) Adam is fast, does a bunch of races and recently qualified for Boston. He likes to post a lot of stats, share his training and he is a certified coach. Adam hosts the Sweat/Freeze Your Thorns Off virtual 5k and I won my first blogger giveaway from him. He often does a "funny foto friday" post too.

Tri'ing for Balance (found through a local FB page) Rae (and hubby Greg) is a speedy runner and triathlete who has gone the full Ironman distance. Rae often posts daily updates about life, her training and race plans, yummy looking recipes and most recently, her impending journey into motherhood! Bonus is that Rae is a local gal, whom I have had the pleasure of racing with, me eating her dust, so that doesn't seem as stalker-ish! right? Plus she gave me my first blog shout out via her blog, nothing like a little blog love!

Ben Does Life (found via Runner's World) To understand Ben's blog just watch this video. I think I may have teared up when I saw it the first time. I love that he is real and honest about his weight loss/gain and he just recently published a book. His posts are great because they are often short and sweet and just catch you up on what he has been doing and the Do Life movement. 

Skinny Runner (found via another blog) SR runs. A LOT! She just ran her 40th marathon. Oh to be SR for a day. She often posts about hanging out with other bloggers and attending fun events and she does a lot of helpful product reviews. I feel like she is always traveling and since she is currently a California girls her photos are always sunny, most of the time. I love when she does a post called Crazy Runner Pics. She allows readers to submit funny photos of themselves taken at races. I have a doozy for her, but I think I'll save that story for my own blog.

Molly's Miles (found via Molly) Molly and I met during HFM training a year ago. She was training for her first half marathon too and created a blog to track her progress. Molly has a sarcastic sense of humor and isn't afraid to post a lot of photo's of herself, her Garmin and her food. I also like that I get to make a guest appearance in the blog every now and then. Molly and I will be training for our first marathon's together!

Me, Rob (who says I haven't posted enough skinny photos of him) & Molly

If you have a blog or some go to favorites, please leave a link in the comments below! Now I'll leave you with a photo from my long run Saturday morning!

Clear sidewalks and a sunny sky,
doesn't get better then that in mid January!

 Have any favorite blogs?
Got any subject matter ideas for me?

January 19, 2012

Ever remember where you were and what you were doing exactly a year ago? I know we all have significant memories and over time they fade, but if I said what were you doing on 1/19/12 some of you may have the same memory as me! It all started with the photo below.
I'm in the second row, in gray, looking down. 
Now that I look at this photo I see some familiar faces, funny how we didn't know each other then! The photo was taken on December 29, 2011 by Fleet Feet Rochester. This was an info session for their HFM (Half/Full Marathon) training program. I signed up that night to train for my first half marathon!  This info session lead to my memory on January 19th, 2012.

It was a Thursday and I was at school teaching away when I got a text message saying my sister had gone into labor! There was a strategic plan that went into place when I got that text message. I think there may have even been an itinerary with phone numbers, addresses, etc. Yea, my sister is organized! As excited as I was about the impending arrival of a new niece or nephew I panicked. You see that night my first group tempo run for HFM was scheduled and this is where we would get our pace for the pace groups we would run in. 
Another FF photo. This was from our first long group run on 1/21/12
According to the plan, depending on when my sister went into labor I would possibly have to care for my nephew Colin, who was three at the time. Because of the timing I needed to pick him up from daycare and bring him home and watch him for the night. Ahhh does FF offer a babysitting service by any chance?! Luckily my mom was coming into town and rather then go to the hospital first, she came and relieved me of my duties so I could go run. She would also bring Colin to the hospital to visit his new sister!
Ainsley Kate was born on 1/19/12
I changed quickly into my running gear and helped Colin change into his "Big Brother" t-shirt my sister had laid out for him to wear to the hospital. My mom came and I headed to Ridgeway for my first tempo run on the "cherry picker" route. As I was driving there, the snow was really coming down. The snow fall and wind was pretty crazy during our entire first run and I remember Ellen or Mike saying that it couldn't get much worse then that for a winter run. Boy were they wrong, but that's a whole other post for February!

 I was feeling so guilty about passing my nephew off and not being able to go visit my new niece, I called the hospital and got permission to visit after visiting hours. I remember walking through the hospital in my winter running gear getting some very strange looks, but I was so glad I got to go and visit the little bird. 
I made myself a little more presentable
when I visited her the next day.
So happy first birthday Ainsely Kate, I will always remember the day you were born! 

What's your favorite running memory?
Were you at Ridgeway on 1/19/12?

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Shockingly Good Time

Thursday I was feeling unmotivated, like skip a run during my first week of training unmotivated! I am also trying to ignore the fact that I might be getting sick. Wednesday night I developed the sniffles & a scratchy, dry throat, but it's just a figment of my imagination, right?! On Thursdays I have been running around the city with Molly and Emily. Since Molly is still a bit under the weather I was left to run on my own. The last time I ran alone was on Christmas Eve and it was so boring. I am used to chatting and laughing the miles away with my ladies. Since I was already unmotivated, didn't want to run alone and it seemed extra chilly out, I thought I'd switch it up and run on the treadmill at the local gym. I had a 3 mile tempo on my schedule and thought to would be manageable on the mill. 

Making myself at home
It has been a while since I ran on the treadmill and I also don't really run with music any more, so I took some time to get organized and programmed in a 5k run. I started off at my usual easy pace at a 12 minute mile. I then ramped it up to between a 10:00 and 10:30 pace which is usually my 5k race pace. I just kind of watched the clock and set mini time/speed goals for myself as I went. All was great and I was rocking out to some ACDC when all of a sudden I felt a shocking sensation on/in my ears. It felt weird and I got startled. I thought maybe my shoes were creating some static electricity on the belt of the treadmill. So I kept on movin' and shakin' and it happened two more times! It seemed as though when I was running, the cord from my ear buds came in contact with a piece of metal on the treadmill and the current was running through the cord to my ears!! But I didn't want to test my theory. I didn't pay much attention in science class, can this actually happen? I wound up spending the rest of the run holding my phone with the cord wrapped around it and it didn't happen again. 
I knew running could be dangerous but
this takes it to a whole new level.
I finished up my run in about 36 minutes and did a couple minute cool down. I cleaned up my machine and realized I didn't quite feel like leaving yet. Since I have been experiencing some hip trouble when my mileage goes up, I thought I would use a couple strength training machines targeting some of my problem areas. I even spent some time stretching before I left. As I drove home I realized I actually had a pretty good time on the treadmill. You know, except for the whole static shock part, lesson learned!

3.25 miles total. I am up .75 miles for training this week.
That wont last long.

Do you mind the mill?
How often do you do a tempo run?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

If you've read Something About Steph you know my running journey began with Weight Watchers, and if you haven't read the page yet what are you waiting for?! Isn't the suspense killing you, go ahead, I'll wait :)

Vegas: Two months before beginning WW
Welcome back! From week one Wednesday has always been my weigh-in day. I joined WW on the Wednesday in between Christmas and New Years in 2010. I quickly found a home with people who understood me. My Wednesday meetings were lead by Kerry. A young, energetic, hot blonde (according to some of the male members) who had a ton of enthusiasm and wanted you to truly succeed. I met a lot of people young and old who were all struggling with the same issues I was.

Even though the size of the group has shrunk and grown over the last two years, and Kerry has since left for a new career, I always found the meetings beneficial for support, some good laughs, food ideas and a fresh start to my next week. So why is it when times get tough and you need to cut back in the area of spending to help pay the bills, you have to cut out the stuff that is good for your mental and physical health? In the last month I have had to give up doing yoga at a studio and attending WW regularly and my gym membership. On Wednesday's lately I come home from spinning and weigh myself on my rickety old scale, which I am convinced groans every time my toe touches it. I do write it down and keep track of my progress or lack of progress depending on the week. But I have no one to clap for me when I have success, no one hands me any stickers or prizes. Is 31 too old to create a reward/sticker chart for myself? Can you tell I am a teacher?!

As part of my marathon training I included a cross training day on Wednesdays. I have been taking a spinning class with some of my fellow art teachers since school started in September. It's an awesome class. I love the instructor Trish and she has a really great selection of music to get my legs moving. She incorporates a lot of variety in her 45 minute class.
See Steph Spin- Love that no one can see you sweat!

This bike was made for me...literally!
I love that she ends every class with a 90 second mile. The music is a crazy Irish/Celtic song and you push as hard as you can to try to get to one mile. It isn't really a mile, it's a spin bike mile, but it is still a great challenge. Especially when you already think you're spent from an exhausting class and can't push anymore. Plus she always says to picture a finish line and someone waiting for you there. I always picture what the finish line at Cleveland will look like and that everyone is cheering for me exclusively. Hey a girl can dream right, but that's a whole other post all together. Don't worry I'm working on it!

Ever done a weight loss program?
Would you try a spinning class?
Anybody out there? ;)