Saturday, May 17, 2014

A year ago today...

I was driving to Cleveland to run my first full marathon! One of the things I love about this journal is looking back and reflecting on my accomplishments and how far I have come and what in my life has changed. Since this whole blog was created to track my training for my first full, I figured it might be a nice time to look back and remember how challenging and fun it really was. I really want to get on that path again to training and running another marathon or even try my first ultra, looking back for me is really inspiring.

If you are new to the blog or are interested in going back in time to one year ago today, start here!

I am also excited to say that my race report for the Stars and Stripes 5k held on Veteran's Day each year, caught the eye of the race directors and they asked if they can use it to present to potential sponsors, how neat is that!

Lilac Fest 10k tomorrow with Dad, Molly & Evan, can't wait to tell you all about it.

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