Sunday, March 24, 2013

Syracuse Half Race Report

So I am pretty tired from today. For the first time I ran 15 miles, I even went beyond 15! I was tired while running and am still tired. Not sure how to over come tiredness. Last night was the best nights sleep before a half marathon that I have ever had. The race, which was in its first year, was pretty amazing. The weather was comfortable, the course was good, the police and volunteers were unbelievable, cheering and dancing and playing music. My mom, dad and Rob we along the course and we so supportive to not only me but to the other runners in my general vicinity. Rather then bore you with words, I'll tell you in pictures! As far as my time, not my worst half or my best. Third best out of five, but I did hit a new distance PR and it feels great! 15.22 miles. (yes I'm counting the .22)

Before the race they held a "Harlem Shakes" dance off.
Not quite sure what that is all about.
In the starting chute ready to go!

I swear when I took this the Carrier Dome was way closer. Oh Well.

Check out that total distance, oh yea!
Enjoying a fake mountain dew and
the fact that I am standing still.
Line for the food, sure smelled good.
Best post race food spread I've ever seen.
This may all be my food. Maybe.
The race expo and area to hang out and eat.
Live entertainment.
Actual race time. #988.
Normally the massage places pack up
by the time we finish but this one was
open and had a short wait!

Great way to end the day. Molly on the left and me on the right.

Weekly recap tomorrow or Tuesday. Heading to the Outer Banks on Friday. Can't wait to share some OBX photos with you. Also get to do 16 miles on my own, oh fun!

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