Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Race Report- ALS 5k

In 2011 when I started running, we started a new family tradition on Father's Day. Every year my Dad and I run the Medved ALS 5k. We have run quite a few races together and because I ran Cleveland this year and missed the Lilac 5k, Sunday was our first three-peat race ever!

Ready to start my 41st race.

The ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) 5k is put on by the local running store Medved. It is always held on Father's Day and finishes at Frontier Field on home plate. The course is really flat and has lots of zig zags so there are lots of opportunities for spectating. Another new perk this year was offering tech shirts for the first 600 registrants, Unfortunately, the tech shirts were running (haha) really small. Sometimes I would just be happier with a cotton shirt. 

At the last minute Molly decided to sign up too, and since she is our new neighbor I swung by and picked her up at 7:30am. We each grabbed a bagel from the Dunkin' drive-thru and complained about how we were sore from moving her into her new place the day before. Once we parked we met up with my parents and took some photos before the race. We wound up bumping into fellow runner Cheryl who was running alone and we chatted for a while about lots of running related topics. 

We all headed over to the starting line together and Mom got herself positioned for picture taking, cheering and cowbell ringing! The race isn't too large but isn't small enough where us slow pokes have to worry about them tearing down the finish line before we get to it. It also has kind of a family feel because of it being Father's Day and because lots families/groups/friends fundraise together for ALS and run in memory of someone.  

On our way!
It took about 20 seconds to get to the start line since that was the difference between the race clock and my Garmin. Dad shot ahead and stayed a steady distance in front of us. Cheryl, Molly and I started out together for the first half and talked and gasped for breath simultaneously. Molly and I shared our marathon war stories with Cheryl and it was nice to have great company and conversation to keep our minds off of what we were actually doing. At the first mile they have a volunteer yelling out the splits, we were just above 12 minutes and I felt like we were going faster then that. I told the girls that I was going to walk through the upcoming water stop, but before the stop would be by mom at her second cheering station. When we got to the water stop they had run out of water by the time we got there. I vaguely remember that happening the year before too. Kinda disappointing, even though I wasn't too dehydrated it was a little humid and some water would have been nice. Since I didn't really need to walk and there was no water I just continued to plug ahead with Cheryl, and Molly followed closely behind. 

We continued running and chatting and I told Cheryl that at the 2 mile marker I was going to take a short walking break and that she could continue to go on. Molly was having some hip pain and general soreness, but she was still closely behind. When we got to the sign I wished Cheryl well and thanked her for the company. I watched her press on and catch up to my Dad. I decided to walk from the sign to the second water stop and saw my Dad up ahead passing his hat to my Mom at her third cheering spot. I grabbed some water from a little guy and thanked all the volunteers for being there. During my walking break Molly caught up with me and I told her that my plan was to continue running all the way to the end. 

After a couple more turns I saw my Dad start to slow and walk, so I cheered for him trying to encourage him, but it turned out he was just waiting for me so we could finish together. After a couple more turns we got ready for what is, in my opinion, the best race finish in Rochester. As we entered the back of Frontier Field there was one more timing clock that read 37 minutes and change. Running through the outfield is such a cool experience. You never get to have that vantage point while at the ballpark so it is really cool! Dad and I ran into the finish together with Mom cheering from the stands and Cheryl waiting and cheering in the finishing chute. After congratulating each other we turned to cheer Molly in. 

Great start to the day. 

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  1. I love finishes in sports venues! ALS is such a great cause and I love that you got to run with your dad. I wish my parents would believe that they can run/jog.